How To Read A Candle To Tell The Future Candlestick Chart

Candle divination by smoke is called capromancy and can tell you a lot about your candle-burning ritual. Puffs of white smoke are a good sign indeed, as it indicates that your intentions were heard and will be granted. If your wax circles your bowl in a clockwise motion, then congratulations candle readings and meanings – this is usually a good sign of something positive coming your way. Conversely, wax traveling in a counter-clockwise direction may indicate a negative result or loss. A dramatic ending to your candle-burning ritual means the spellwork has been vetoed by a greater power.

In medieval Europe, vigil class candle wax reading was used by alchemists and astrologers to interpret the movements of the stars and planets. During the Renaissance, candle reading was used to gain insight into the future and to make decisions. Blackened wax in candle reading signifies negative energies, interference, protective barriers, or a clearing of negativity.

  1. One of the most important facets of ritual and spellwork is the idea that everything is a sign of some kind.
  2. That’s not a pleasant interpretation, but there are some other possible meanings.
  3. Things can change at any moment, but the key is to notice the general actions of the fire.
  4. Many traders get easily scared out of their trades even though there are no real reasons.

Take a deep breath and focus on the wax in the scrying bowl. You can write them down on the paper, using the pencil, if you wish. You should write down any psychic or intuitive impressions or messages you receive. White soot is a far rarer occurrence, and is said to represent spiritual communication and assistance. Black soot is generally taken to be a sign of negative energy or interference within a spell working.

A Tall Strong Flame Is Ideal

You can try lighting additional candles to provide greater energy. If the sputtering continues, it’s best to end your work and try another time. According to Grove and Grotto’s The Candle Signs Dictionary, a blue flame symbolizes the presence of a spirit. This can be an angel, fairy, or other highly evolved spiritual entity. If the candle melts everywhere (sometimes called a “quick burn”), it is a sign of a lot of passion in the magic.

Short Weak Flame

Watch the flame closely to see if its shape or motion reveals anything to you. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists was founded in 1945 by Albert Einstein and University of Chicago scientists who helped develop atomic weapons for the Manhattan Project. Leveraged trading in foreign currency or off-exchange products on margin carries significant risk and may not be suitable for all investors. We advise you to carefully consider whether trading is appropriate for you based on your personal circumstances. We recommend that you seek independent advice and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading.

Traders can take advantage of hammer formations by executing a long trade once the hammer candle has closed. Hammer candles are advantageous because traders can implement ‘tight’ stop-losses (stop-losses that risk a small amount of pips). Take-profits should be placed in such a way as to ensure a positive risk-reward ratio.

You may notice events that occur in your every day life that may be correlated to your candle working with the energy around and within you. This will help you connect the dots between your spell and how your world is shifting. Candle magic is a wonderful way to get into Wicca because most people have been around candles their whole lives. But it can also be daunting due to all the Wiccan candle meanings from the colors to reading the flames. When lit at the time of death, they symbolize Christ as the source of light in the afterlife and signify the light in the next world.

Love Languages

You will not be able to get away from the consequences of your actions, and that negative energy is going to stick to you if you continue. If your flames burn red or yellow, it means that your working is being powered by regular, worldly energy. The divination of a candle’s flame is known as pyromancy.

Confirmation bias takes over, and it isn’t easy to see the messages for what they are. Either way, the color is one that you want to be careful around. Red candle flames mean there is brutal energy poised to cause emotional, spiritual, or even physical destruction.

Example 4 – Calling tops? Follow the momentum!

Magick workers read the amount and location of the soot to gather information about the success or failure of the working. A pile of wax drippings is always an invitation to ceromancy (divination by wax). Examine the hardened wax with an open mind, seeing if any shapes or message emerge. There is a whole collection of folklore about what the various shapes mean…or you can just use your intuition. However, in spells to heal, influence, and manipulate others, the travelling smoke can mean that the working is going as planned. Pay attention to the speed, direction, and shape of the smoke to determine if your magick is on track.

Choosing the Right Candle

You should stop and repeat your spellwork, paying close attention to each step to ensure it’s correct. Conway states that a steady, normal flame is considered a positive indication the candle is doing its job. Regardless of the reason, a short weak flame means there isn’t enough energy to bring your intent into reality. It either gains in strength or becomes consistently weak. A sudden flickering without that happening usually means another presence has appeared.

How To Read and Interpret How Your Ritual Candle Burns

Bearish and indicative of increased selling pressure, a black or filled dripless candle shows that the closing price for the period was lower than the opening price. On the other hand, if the freestanding candle is white or hollow, the price at the market close was higher than at the market open. This is bullish and demonstrates that there is pressure to purchase. If you are having difficulty interpreting symbols or understanding the meaning of your readings, it is a good idea to seek guidance from an experienced reader. They can help you understand the symbols and provide insight into how they relate to your life. When learning to read candle wax, it is important to record your readings in a journal or notebook.

When a candle melts to form a distinct and shapely flower, it’s seen as a positive sign. Such a formation can signify impending moments of joy and prosperity, particularly if it’s related to the purpose of the prayer. A large, well-defined floral shape is often interpreted as a strong affirmation or a clear ‘yes’ to a question posed during prayer. Repeat your question and hold it in your mind while holding the candle over the water. Once you are satisfied that you’ve let enough wax fall into the water, you can extinguish the candle and set it down. You want to select a candle color that best matches your intentions.

Or that the spell’s energies have been blocked from reaching their intended target. Then suddenly price faces more opposition (4) and volatility increases with larger wicks. This is not automatically a sign to cut a trade because the candle close doesn’t suggest much bullishness yet, but it’s heads up signal. Then price enters a range market (5) with back and forth price action without any direction or momentum. A short positioned momentum trader must acknowledge now that and exit the trade to avoid getting whipsawed.

Water elemental magic, though rarely using candles, can incorporate blue candles sometimes. When learning how to read candle wax, choosing the right type of candle for your reading is important. Different types of candles have different properties and scents that can affect the outcome of your reading. Once you are done with your reading, extinguish the gold candle by dipping it into a water bowl. This will ensure that the calm flame is completely extinguished and no wax is left burning. Candles are often incorporated into various rituals, everywhere from churches to temples to at home in your own sacred space or altar.

Pay attention to smoke, sounds, the movement and strength of the flame, and the quickness or slowness of the burn. If the candle wax cascades down the candle in a flow that overlaps like a step down or waterfall appearance, you can read the wax as an indicator of change. If your spell is to usher in change, this is a good sign. The changes are backed by powerful energies that topple onto each other as the force pushes forward. Dense, black smoke coming from a ritual candle is thought to represent negative energy.

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