Einstein’s 8th Wonder of the World

In investing, compounding is simply the concept of earning a return on your previous returns. A quick example is that if you invest $1000 for one year at a 10% return you will have $1100 at the end of the year. After earning this $100 you decide that you want to do the same thing for the next year and reinvest your principal ($1000) and return ($100) and earn 10% again. This year instead of earning $100 dollars you earn $110. The 10 extra dollars are due to compounding as you have earned a return on your return. This doesn’t seem like very much but the secret with compounding is to amplify it by investing for long periods of time.

  • When’s the last time you saw a high interest credit card balance move much lower after making a payment?
  • If you only averaged what stocks have averaged since the 1920s (that is, 10%), your account would have grown to $2,468,473.
  • After earning this $100 you decide that you want to do the same thing for the next year and reinvest your principal ($1000) and return ($100) and earn 10% again.
  • I mean, I literally will eat a salad with a half pound of chicken on it, cucumbers and hummus, and an apple and I am spending about $3 total on that meal.
  • My $500 in the market has just as much of a chance at making 10% returns as George Soro’s $500 million.

One story quoted her as saying she had ridden in a helicopter with Clinton and flirted with Trump. Giuffre said neither of those things actually happened. She has not accused either former president of wrongdoing. Some records have been released, either in part or in full, in other court cases. Thus, at the end of 10 years, you will have to repay a total of R8,235.05 (the principal of R5,000 plus the interest of R3,235.05).

Did Einstein ever remark on compound interest?

Einstein knew this ‘8th wonder’ was something we can all use to help us build wealth. Over time, this process can turn a small amount of money into a big amount. On top of that, he had a knack for simplifying complex concepts, making them understandable for all. Einstein was a remarkable physicist and mathematician. His work on the theory of relativity revolutionized our understanding of time, space, and gravity.

  • The longer the investment period, the more you will benefit from compound interest.
  • My colleague Conrad deAenlle also wrote about this money in the bank.
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Dozens of other underage girls described similar sexual abuse, but prosecutors ultimately allowed the financier to plead guilty in 2008 to a charge involving a single victim. He served 13 months in a jail work-release program. After 30 years at 10%, the $100 has grown to $1,744.94.

Einstein’s 8th Wonder of the World

I believe in you, my fellow freedom fighter because I know you can make a difference. However, if your habits create interest for you, then just sit back and relax. You will one day be rich, you just have to let compounding interest do the work for you.

Albert Einstein – Compound interest

People that save early and keep adding to their savings can reap the rewards of compounding. That being said, the market almost never returns anything near the average. Only 6 times in that span has the market returned between 5% and 10%. It usually returns much higher or much lower than 10%. These big swings can make can i deduct medical expenses it very difficult for investors to stay invested and actually earn the high return, but that is a conversation for another time. Allan S. Roth is the founder of Wealth Logic, an hourly based financial planning and investment advisory firm that advises clients with portfolios ranging from $10,000 to over $50 million.

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When most people hear the term “compound interest,” they immediately think of savings accounts, investments, and the magic of money growing over time. A statement that the “interest rate is 10%” means that interest is 10% per year, compounded annually. In this case, the nominal annual interest rate is 10%, and the effective annual interest rate is also 10%.


We received 12 gifts that will be going to his college fund and savings.Love this platform. So, with a 10% interest rate, your money would double in about 7 years. Simply divide 72 by the interest rate, and voila, you have the number of years it’ll take to double your money.

I’d like to know if it was made up or if Einstein ever said anything close to this. Look, here are 10 fantastic quotes from influential people and what they have to say about compounding interest. If $7,000 a year can turn into $3.0 million in 40 years, imagine what it would do in 60. It would be $21,231,575, which is of course outlandish.

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